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Less was lost near Forest Ridge Apartments.

Lees is male he is neither declawed or spayed, this is how we prefer him to be (his natural self). He predominantly will seem to be black with tan stripes. But if on his back, his belly is tan and cream with black spots.

He is a very friendly and sweet cat. Sometimes you think he understands you when speaking to him.

He is very smart and in tune with his surroundings.

He has a flea collar on but not a name collar because he always figures out how to take it off.

Please help us get him back home. We love and miss him very much. We also have a toddler who is very attached to him.

Please call if you have, find or see him.



When (Date): January 10, 2012
Gender: Male
Breed: Tabby
Age: 1 year old
Coloring: Black and Tan


Christopher and Charleen Brown
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Phone: 817-881-8724


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