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Found near the intersection of Ft. Christmas Rd with Lake Mills Road in Chuluota, in Seminole County Florida, zip 32766.

Description: Lets try Pug/Shepherd/Spitz/beagle?

Weight approximately 30 - 35 lbs, height about 20 inches at the top of his head.

Age anywhere from 2 to 5 years old.

Very good disposition, gets along with other dogs very well. He is friendly to people too. He was altered some time ago, and his nails have been trimmed within the last month or so. He has medium long hair. His predominant color is Fawn (light brown) overhair with black ears and black underhair. His coat and markings are what some people call Seal Point. His skin is mostly black. We had him scanned for a microchip and found none. He was not wearing a collar or tags. He seems healthy and has no injuries. He is a little thin looking but is eating well and will probably gain back to normal quickly. Right now he has what appears to be a flea allergy reaction, or skin irritation, possibly sunburn on his back, upper rump, and tail. This condition has caused some hair loss in the area. He will be vetted in the next couple of days at our expense. As a general appearance description, he appears Pug like in the face, complete with button ears and black underhair that shows through when he furrows his brow. However, he is not brachycephalic (squished nose) like a Pug, and is much larger than most pugs. Again, he does have a question mark tail like a Pug as well.


When (Date): May 26, 2014 9:00 PM
Gender: Male Neutered
Breed: Mixed
Age: Adult
Coloring: Fawn – with black Sea Point markings


Dana Womack
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Phone: 407-542-7463 or cell 301-538-1759
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