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Hi there! My name is Pepito and I'm a little Meyer's parrot with a big personality. While I don't have a preference between women or men, I definitely have a preference in which humans I like. If I like you, I'll step up easily, let you rub my head and even lay upside down in your hand! Those that I don't like run the risk of having me dive-bomb their head. Hehehe.

As you can see in my pictures, I'm beautifully colored. There is some debate over whether I'm a male or female. It's never been confirmed by a DNA test and although I know, I'm not telling!

Bananas and walnuts are my favorite treats and like Shumba, the other Meyer's here, I eat a very healthy diet of Harrison's pellets. I say the word "apple" in a very cute voice and while I do say lots of other words, they're usually drowned out by the noise from all the other birds here. If you'd like to really know what I'm saying, I guess you'll have to take me home and cuddle up with me!

If you'd like to learn more about me or come and meet me, please contact the Refuge.




Gender: Unknown
Breed: Parrot


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