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We welcome linking to our website but we must require the following linking requirements:

  • Links should link directly to our front page, to a section index page or, in the case of special programs, links to the special program page.
  • Links do NOT frame, alter or add to the content of our site in any way
  • If a graphic is used, it must ONLY be an authorized linking graphic as defined below
  • Linking sites must not do any harm to Hugs for Homeless Animals and the goodwill and work that we do
  • If you are asked to remove your link, it will be expected that you will do so immediately.
Online Logo Usage Guidelines

We are no longer requiring that you request and receive permission before displaying the Hugs for Homeless Animals (hereinafter also referred to as "H4HA") designated graphics, but we are requiring that you adhere to these guidelines and, under no circumstance, are you to display any other logo or graphic of Hugs for Homeless Animals from our website or other printed material except those specifically presented below for your linking usage.

By linking to us or displaying one of our linking graphics, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to adhere to our Logo Usage Guidelines regarding the proper usage of the designated H4HA standard logos and graphics (the "Logo"). The power of the Logo lies in its consistent and appropriate use. Any usage outside of these guidelines dilutes the effectiveness of the Logo and makes it more difficult to defend our rights to the servicemark. H4HA reserves the right to change or modify the Logo and/or these Guidelines at any time at its discretion. You shall comply with the Guidelines as amended from time to time.

Hugs for Homeless Animals will provide you with electronic artwork of the Logo. You MAY NOT alter this artwork in any way. The Logo must contain a link to the Hugs for Homeless Animals website. This Logo is provided only as a graphical representation to promote Hugs for Homeless Animals and/or its Snuggles Project. The Logo is provided for Website usage only, and may not be used in any other form or fashion unless specified herein and by express written permission from Hugs for Homeless Animals. The Logo is provided for local use only. The Logo is owned by Hugs for Homeless Animals and all uses of the Logo inure to the benefit of Hugs for Homeless Animals.

Organization name. If the Organization name is used in the document text, it should appear as Hugs for Homeless Animals at the first and most prominent use in all materials and can thereafter be referenced to as H4HA or the H4HA Snuggle Project.

Intent. You are not permitted to use the Logo to disparage Hugs for Homeless Animals, its members, or promotional goods, or for World Wide Web sites that in H4HA's reasonable judgment may diminish or otherwise damage H4HA's goodwill in the Logo, including but not limited to, uses which could be deemed to be obscene, pornographic, excessively violent, or otherwise in poor taste or unlawful, or which purpose is to encourage unlawful activities. Similarly, you cannot imitate H4HA's promotional materials or the Logo in any of your materials, including advertising, product packaging, and promotional materials. The Logo must not be used in a way that implies H4HA's sponsorship or endorsement of the product, service or content presented on your Internet Site.


Third parties must use the Logo as a link to the Hugs for Homeless Animals website using the following link code. Please save the logo to your hard disk.

General H4HA Site Link 1:

Use this code:

Hugs for Homeless Animals

General H4HA Site Link 2:

Use this code:

Hugs for Homeless Animals

General H4HA Site Link 3:

Use this code:

Hugs for Homeless Animals

General H4HA Site Link 4:

Use this code:

Hugs for Homeless Animals

Plain Text H4HA Site Link:

Hugs for Homeless Animals

Hugs for Homeless Animals

Snuggles Project Link 1:

Use this code:

H4HA Snuggles Project


Prominence. Do not use the Logo or the names "Hugs for Homeless Animals" or "H4HA" or "Snuggles Project" more prominently than your personal name, company, product, or Website name.

Artwork. Use only the designated H4HA authorized electronic artwork of the Logo. The H4HA icon is to be displayed as an independent Logo, and not conjoined with any other graphic or text in such a way as to imply H4HA endorsement or sponsorship. The Logo may not be used as a feature or design element of any other Logo.

You may not alter this artwork in any way.

Size. The Logo cannot be reduced or enlarged beyond what is electronically provided by H4HA. Do not remove any trademark symbols or alter the Logo in any way. Redraws, distortions, or animation of the Logo are not permitted beyond what is provided.

H4HA reserves the right to change the Logo and these Usage Guidelines at any time and solely at its discretion. If possible, H4HA will provide advance notice of these changes. Refer to this webpage for the latest guidelines and information for the Logo Program and Linking Policy. Permission to use the logo is limited to those who meet the applicable criteria, and those who no longer meet the criteria must discontinue the use of the logo. Any use of the Logo that is not consistent with these guidelines is strictly prohibited.

H4HA reserves the right to review use of the Logo. Disregard for these Usage Guidelines may result in a revocation of the right to use the logo, and with it all benefits enjoyed through participation in the programs.

Any individual or entity found to be improperly using the Logo or using any outdated or unapproved H4HA Logo must correct any deficiencies in their use of the Logo upon reasonable notice in the form of a electronic written request to remove the logo in question and/or informed how to continue to use the correct Logo and the steps needed to be taken. They will be given a set time period to comply with this request. Refusal to correct such deficiencies may result in revocation of the right to use the Logo.

If you have any questions about the Linking Policy or the Logo Program or anything not covered in the Usage Guidelines, please contact us.

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