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This is the worst case of abuse and neglect that I have seen in a very long time. Under-weight, covered in feces, severe dental disease.

On April 30th, Gabriel (his rescue name) was rescued from an abusive situation. Gabriel is in the local county animal shelter. Unfortunately, today is Gabriel's last day. Because of his age (8 years old) and his condition (severe dental disease and extremely under-weight) he is scheduled to be euthanized. We have placed a hold on him for the day to see if we can get him some help.

With all that he has gone through -- then finding the courage to make an escape, then to end up in another cage, and then to be put to death. It is just not fair. We want to give Gabriel a chance. But we need your help.

We have established an emergency fund to save Gabriel and pay for his surgery and care until he can find his forever home. We have only the next few hours to be able to save him. Will you please contribute to save Gabriel? Please go to https://h4ha.stardonor.com/donate-now/gabriel-fund.html right now.

Please. Gabriel needs your help.

What you cannot see in these pictures is his amazing personality, his intense and direct eye contact, his ability to converse directly, and his desire to be wanted.



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